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In 1878 the Pennsylvania-Reading Railroad extended its line to Unionville, as Aura was then called. The railroad gave Aura $100.00 to have the church moved from the corner to where it stands today.It was originally constructed on the cornerof Aura-Willow Grove Road, across from what is now Pizzellie`s Deli (former Core States Bank, Peoples Bank, Nickelson`s Store)

In latter years there was a station built with a freight platform attached. Because of the volume of business being done , ticket agents were employed 24 hours a day. A siding was installed in the back on the station, and about 150 yards south of the station, on the new siding, a large loading platform was built with a roof over it. Farmers would come to the siding and unload carloads of manure, fertilizer, lime, farm machinery and other products used in their business.

RR StationAura Railroad Station

Farmers also used the siding and platform to ship their products such as potatoes and tomatoes. The platform was also used to barrel potatoes for shipping.

loadingLoading the Train

The last ticket agent was Mr.Charles Hamilton.

The Pennsylvania-Reading Railroad gave ground to Elk Township for a monument in honor of the soldiers who served in World War 1, on which their names were inscribed.

It has been told that people were transported to Aura from Philadelphia for burial in the Aura Cemetery at no charge. Burial was made in what is now the older part of the cemetery.


The Railroad tracks went right through the center of the town of Aura, near the monument and the Aura cemetery.. In the 1980's the railroad tracks were removed and now you don't hear the sounds of the train comming through town anymore.. The old area where the tracks were is now used for the public to access the soccerball field and on the Fourth of July to be able to drive back to the fireworks display put on by the Township.

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Types of Railroad "Rails" used through the Years.

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